v.1.0.4 Update is Released

After a long waiting period, we are pleased to announce that we are publishing the update, we have already mentioned that this update is a visual update and we have done it this way, although we have brought a number of innovations about the gameplay even though it is a visual weight update. We've added menu music again. I want to switch to the content of the update without tightening you

- Completely renovated backgrounds
- Switch new story presentation model
- Now you can access the settings menu within the game
- Additional info boxes added
- Informational texts were enclosed in a transparent frame
- Minor changes in some level
- Performance enhancement
- Fixed the character block jams (that is, automatically dying, if it does not die, you can load the last save by pressing r)
- New mechanic has been added to the blocks for jamming condition (only when the foot part is jammed in the block).you can get rid of the block, but if your body gets stuck there is no chance of getting rid of it)
- If you have a save game, if you press the new game button, you will ask if you're sure
- If you start a new game while you have a saved game old statistic will be deleted
- The save system has changed, the old save system was based on the version of the game 
which is also new update when the new file is saved, the save file is corrupted based on 
new updates will not affect save file
- The explosion effects were bigger when you killed the bosses and the new explosion effects added
- Water physics improved
- ice breaking effect added when the character hits ice
- Fixed bugs of the shield form to pass through some blocks 
- All images in the chapter selection screen are compatible with the renewed images in the game.changed
- Added 14 new achievements

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