v.1.0.6 Version is Released

v.1.0.6 Patch Notes

- Added controller support

- Added a button to read all the patch notes to the main menu with one click

- Help button removed from main menu

- Now you can kill some enemies by crushing

- Bullet limitation added

- An icon that controls the status of the control connection to the main menu and stop menu is added, A green icon indicates that the controller is connected The red icon indicates that the controller is not connected

v.1.0.6b Patch Notes

- Fixed issue where camera's focus was lost sometimes

- Fixed camera not focusing when switching to spiked character form

v.1.0.6c Patch Notes

- Added a new death penalty, now you're going to lose 100 bullet if you die, if your number of bullets is less than 100 will not fall to a negative number, do not worry you can not find enough bullets on the ground, just focus on using your bullets strategically

- Optimisation enhancement


Alpha Beta Demo Setup(v.1.0.6).exe 26 MB
Jul 05, 2019

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